The Red Towel™

What is so special about a towel, you ask? Well, The Red Towel™ is not your average piece of fabric that you dry off with after a hot shower. Nope. The Red Towel™ is my version of the Red Carpet. That’s right. We roll it out to give anyone anywhere at any time a “Red Carpet” experience that they’ll never forget. Both celebrities and your fellow citizens have stood on it. YOU could be next.

It all started in college when I was interning for a national country music television show. I wanted to document my experience, so I began to produce my own videos that received lots of laughs from my supervisors. They invited me to help out on the Red Carpet for an awards show in Vegas, but the week before, I was told they couldn’t take me after all. I was bummed that I couldn’t go, but I still wanted to shoot a video to “cover” the show from Nashville. I wanted something that could act as a mobile Red Carpet. So, I went to the store, bought a red bathroom towel, and interviewed tourists and street musicians downtown. Thus, The Red Towel™ was born. Little did I know that celebrities would soon stand on it with me, and this segment would put me on the map in the world of entertainment media.

Always remember: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low.